Sangria – with love

One of our specialties at Cafe 21 is our Sangria. We spend a lot of time picking the right wines with the right notes and flavors. We make sure our fruits are fresh and whole and as pesticide-free as possible. Our Sangria is the result of a lot of investment in time and love to get the right robust flavors.

We love it so much, we’ve made it our trademark: our Sangria bar is a prominent feature at the front of our Gaslamp Store during the day. You can see what Sangria’s we are infusing – white wines with peaches and persimmons, or a berry blast with red wine, there are so many choices and so many combinations to play with. We even take suggestions from customers as to what they would like to try.

Because our Sangria takes time to infuse, it’s important to plan ahead. Since we develop our Sangria’s to complement our menus, you may not see the same choices throughout the year. We like to stir things up, so to speak, and see what wonderful flavorful treasures we can invent. It really is a lot of fun! Being a taste tester is not a bad job – just need to be sure there’s food in the stomach beforehand.

We hope you enjoy our Sangria as much as well do and look forward to hearing your comments.

As always, we welcome you into our kitchen.

At Cafe 21, we use locally-grown, organic ingredients for a socially conscious farm-to-table San Diego dining experience. We use hormone-free meats and yeast-free bread in our dishes, and we hope you’ll visit us soon to see how a meal with us will transform how you think about food.


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