Around the World with the Javadovs! Collioure + Marrakesh

France(Collioure) and Morocco travel(Marrakesh) We stumbled over the small city of Collioure after locals of a nearby town had suggested to visit the town. We found ourselves overwhelmed with jet lag and so our day slumber led to a night adventure of Collioure. With Château Royal de Collioure being the centerpiece of this small charming […]

Around the World with the Javadovs! Montpellier

Around the World – Montplelier This town, its streets, buildings, and even the ancient roads built for future generations to preserve and enjoy. It breathed history in and out. Prior to arriving we read about this Montpellier and besides being another city from south of France that made its fortune in wine, it’s also very […]

Around the World with the Javadovs! Barcelona

Trip to Barcelona We kicked off our travels in the beautiful city of Barcelona. With reasonable ticket prices, this meant a full trip for the family was possible. We did not want to leave the kids and wanted them to experience these travels with us, but traveling with a full family is expensive. We were […]