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Around the World with the Javadovs! Collioure + Marrakesh

Morocco travel. Callioure + Marrakesh

France(Collioure) and Morocco travel(Marrakesh)

We stumbled over the small city of Collioure after locals of a nearby town had suggested to visit the town. We found ourselves overwhelmed with jet lag and so our day slumber led to a night adventure of Collioure. With Château Royal de Collioure being the centerpiece of this small charming town, you find yourself immersed in history and beauty. It sits along a lagoon with an unforgettable and pristine beach!

I will never forget leaving Collioure as on our way back to our lodgings, we saw lightning in the sky which served as a warning of the storm about to hit. The lightning show was amazing and lasted for two hours, followed by a hail storm which was then followed by heavy rain. I questioned a storm of this magnitude considering it was the month of July. However those thoughts totally disappeared upon waking up to a perfect morning with clear skies and fresh air. Of course the only thing that added to the beauty of that morning was the breakfast we shared on the balcony, which was of course prepared and served by my lovely half Chef Leyla.


Morocco Travel

Next stop after our France was Morocco! After visiting Marrakesh, I finally understood why people who visited Marrakesh always have this sense or feeling that they discovered something new and different.

Being so close to Spain and France and still being so different from its neighboring countries just made Morocco even more unique and unpredictable for us. The top layer of the city that you soak in as a tourist include the vibrant colors, cruising through the mazes of Old Medina (translates to Old City), spices, ambers, camel rides, and mint tea. Once your senses have processed that first layer of Morocco, then you start to process the next layer of Morocco: The Landscape. Deep red and brown colors of clay from the surrounding mountains emphasized by the beauty of Berber architecture. And then you breakthrough to the next layer, which are the people. All of whom are down to earth and hardworking. An inevitable love grows deep as you breakdown each layer of the city and once you leave, you realize that you hold a forever love for Marrakesh. Morocco travel was really very exciting.

Our travel to these two cities really hit home with Chef Leyla and I. When we think of Cafe 21, we think of think of history and tradition and always keep the ‘old ways’ in the mind as we step forward with our innovations and creations. We also think of beauty and ambience, wanting every guest to experience each layer of Cafe 21 noting the attention to detail from beautiful decor, unique service and dinner ware, great staff, amazing food and drink, etc. Every visit to Cafe 21 reveals something new and as you peel back each layer, we hope you walk away with a forever love of Cafe 21.


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