Coral Tree Farm Organic and Fresh

Local Organic Farm

I want to share with you how Leyla made food out of ingredients exclusively from Coral Tree Farm produce.

This farm is conveniently located off the I – 5 interstate and  Rancho Santa Fe exit. I knew she would take on this project as she always challenges herself. The food had to be vegan/vegetarian. Only local eggs and honey and no other animal or by-animal products were allowed.

She had to come up with the menu but more importantly she had to create memorable tasty food to please 50 people.

As example, cold beet gazpacho, my absolute favorite summer soup was on the menu. And it’s one of the new items on the menu in our restaurant. We have more and more vegan/vegetarian customers and many who have  recently developed allergies are also become notorious among restaurateurs. Leyla not only implements in our menu more and more choices for customers who have allergies or just preference, she is also working on a separate catering menu to accommodate most of our guests with their gatherings. We’re working to have it ready by fall. We want our customers not to worry if they have guests over for the holidays: taste, quality and presentation is always included in the package when Leyla is cooking. Pictures tell a better story!


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