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Around the World with the Javadovs! Montpellier

Around the world - Montpelier

Around the World – Montplelier

This town, its streets, buildings, and even the ancient roads built for future generations to preserve and enjoy. It breathed history in and out. Prior to arriving we read about this Montpellier and besides being another city from south of France that made its fortune in wine, it’s also very famous for its universities. Imagine an educational heritage for over 800 years! It was no surprise that majority of residents we came across on the streets were young students. It was such a privilege to be able to absorb knowledge and inhale history at the same time.

At times it felt like we were in some sort of fairy tale and we just loved everything about Montpellier. There was something so very special about the village. It was old, but completely glamorous and chic. Just the perfect balance of modern and antique.

This really reminded us of Cafe 21 in regard to our style and essence. We like to say we are where the old world meets the new. A place that is based in its traditions in the kitchen, making everything from scratch. Yet seeking out innovation in the tastes and flavors as well as overall experience. From the dinnerware to the decor, every detail matters to us. We hope our guests get that sense of Cafe 21, both the modern and ancient.

As a little side bar, most Cafe 21 enthusiasts know we love making our bread. It is baked fresh daily and a staple over a Cafe 21. All the bread at Cafe 21 is handmade, from our sourdough, brioche buns, to the lavash, all baked daily. So it was totally understandable that Chef Leyla was mesmerized and obsessed with this simple, but elegant bakery. Simple decor, bread left for feeding the birds, use of just one starter to sell just one type of bread. She could only use one word to describe this little bakery: AMAZING!


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