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Trip to Barcelona by Javadovs

Trip to Barcelona

We kicked off our travels in the beautiful city of Barcelona. With reasonable ticket prices, this meant a full trip for the family was possible. We did not want to leave the kids and wanted them to experience these travels with us, but traveling with a full family is expensive.

We were lucky to find such a great deal out of LAX flying Norwegian Airlines, so be sure to check out their summer prices to Europe. Very reasonable!

It was a short stay in Barcelona, only two days. Definitely not enough to get a taste of this beautiful city that sits on the shore of one of my favorite seas, the Balearic Sea. However, we did have the opportunity to visit some very memorable places.



Breakfast at Ugot Branchieri, a spot that definitely serves food just the way we like, small portions, few dishes, and everybody sharing their food. International staples of breakfast such as french toast, Eggs Benedict, and Shakshouka disappeared with contented nods and joyous compliments to the Chef.



For dinner, we enjoyed local neighborhood pubs. You can just tell it was a local neighborhood joint as everyone seemed to know each other. Made us think of Cafe 21! We were only family with kids and we definitely appreciated the acceptance of our family spending time together in a pub.

This made us think of both our locations, as we are a family restaurant and welcome all ages. Back to actual dinner, we found exactly what we were looking for: house made vermouth, sausage, sauerkraut, and bread. Simple and tasty. When we were done with our dinner, we explored Barcelona at night and it is just as beautiful at night as it is during the day.


Last Day

Trip to Barcelona, last day. Our last day was a classic beach day as the California in us always wants to enjoy the sun and the water. That evening was the highlight of our visit as we had an invitation to enjoy company and food with a young Turkish family, Ercan and Tugba, our loyal customers from California that currently live in Spain.

As Turkey was on our travel list and already starting to crave amazing Turkish cuisine, this dinner just catapulted us to our happy place, a bit of a teaser of great food, drink, and company to come as we travel.



Trip to Barcelona left an impression on us and reminded us about our philosophy on food, drink, service, and ambience. Sharing and eating together, simple as well as tasty food and drink in a setting that is both beautiful and full of ambience.


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